The Life of JosÚ Rizal

* What is the Rizal Law? Its purposes?
* Why is Rizal singled out among our many national heroes for study and emulation?
* Is the Rizal Law necessary?
* Give a brief account of Jose Rizal's lineage.
* Name the brother and sisters of Rizal.
* Why was he named JosÚ and surnamed Rizal?
* How did the story of the moth affect Rizal's life?
* Who was Rizal's earliest teacher?
* What was Rizal's earliest attempt at writing?
* Why did Father Leoncio Lopez apologize to Jose?
* Why was the Ateneo chosen for his education in Manila?
* Describe his scholastic records at Ateneo.
* Cite some of his literary triumphs as a youth.
* Mention some of Rizal's dark hours during his boyhood and youth
* What courses did Rizal take at the University of Santo Thomas?
* Why did Rizal decide to go to Europe?
* When and where did Rizal enroll in Span for his studies in medicine, philosophy and letters?
* Give JosÚ Alejandrino's observations on Rizal as a student.
* How did Rizal prepare himself for the mission of ameliorating the conditions of his homeland?
* What early steps did Rizal take to carry out his elf-imposed mission?
* After seven years of absence from the country what changes did Ibarra find in Manila? Significance?
From whom did Ibarra learn the details of his father's death?
* What were the charges against Don Rafael?
Why were Spaniards not permitted to do manual labor in the Philippines in those days?
* Who was the star in the dark night? The young Francisca
* Describe the character of Capitan Tiago. Are there Capitan Tiagos today? Explain.
* What does the statement mean that he (Tiago) was at peace with God, with the government, and with man?
* Who was Capitan Tiago's rival in piety?
Relate the tribulation and early death of Do˝a Pia Alba. Could her case be witnessed today? Explain
* "In Southern (tropical) countries, a girl at 13 or 14 is transformed into a woman," writes Rizal. Is this true today
* How did they explain the unusually light complexion of Maria Clara?
* Would you consider Maria Clara the ideal of Filipino Womanhood?
* Who was Maria Clara's childhood playmate? Did their parents approve of their engagement? Explain.
* How did the betrothed couple prove their devotion and loyalty to each other during the seven years?
* What was Padre Damaso's excuse for his frequent visits to Capitan Tiago's house?
* How did the Ibarras acquire vast holdings at San Diego? Why was Don Rafael beloved by the peasants and hated by others?
* What was Crisostomo's purpose in his visit to San Diego?
* Who was Bernardo Salvi? Contrast him with Padre Damaso?
* How did Rizal spend his time in Hong Kong
* What was the "New Calamba" project?
* Why did the project fail to materialize?
* Were his relatives and friends in favor of Rizal's return to the Philippines?
* Why did Rizal finally return to the Philippines in June of 1892?
* Was Rizal aware of coming dangers when he returns to the Philippines?
* What was La Liga Filipina?
* State the reasons FOR Rizal's deportation to Dapitan?
* What was the immediate effect of the order of deportation
* How long did Rizal stay in Dapitan? How did he occupy his time?
* What was the Pastells - Rizal polemics?
* Why did Pio Valenzuela visit Rizal in May of 1896?
* What were Rizal's motives in applying as a military surgeon in the Spanish armies in Cuba?
* Did Governor Blanco's safe conduct work?
* Why was Rizal brought back to the Philippines?
* Compare Rizal's trial with that of Gomez, Burgos and Zamora?
* When and where was Rizal executed?
* How do we explain why Rizal met death with serenity?
* 'Cite the occasions when Rizal could have escaped from the clutches of Spain? Why did he not do so?
* Did Rizal write his Ultimo Adios on December 29, 1896?
* What aspects of Rizal's life are still points of controversy among scholars?
* Cite important biographies of JosÚ Rizal.

These Questions come from the book, A Portable Rizal Reader: Selected Essays & Poems by Maximo P. Fabella

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